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It feels so good…

“I love to see old lovers Reunited.

I love the hugging.

I love the kissing.

I love  the impatience.

I love the whispers.

I love the stories that mouth can’t tell fast enough.

I love the end of missing someone.”

  1. jen bergonia permalink

    reunited part 9 please!!!!! 🙂

  2. rosemeg permalink

    Chapter 9 pls!nakakainip maghintay!

  3. ria dizon permalink

    Hi, mrsacc, where is part8? Eto lang po ang nababasa ko “it feels so good”? Don’t want to read part 9 hanggat di ko pa nababasa ang part8, but i can’t help myself po na basahin na ang part9.sana you’ll notice my message soon…plsss…

    • look to the right.. on the recent posts..

      • ria dizon permalink

        Thank you, mrsacc hoping na makabasa ulit ng story from u… sana soon na🙂

  4. abby permalink

    still waiting for Reunited’s epilogue.

  5. kelan kaya ang epilogue, mrsacc.

  6. Myrna Pimentel permalink

    please give me the link to the Reunited chapter 1 to 4? thank you!!!

  7. MrsAcc!!! namimiss ko na po stories nyo sa PU!🙂

  8. im here, sitting in front of my lappy.. just waiting.. hoping.. praying … for reunited 9 c. or epilogue. or reunited 10. hahaha!

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